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What is your foot type?

The foot's essential duty is to firmly support your weight. For those feet, its relation with the socks that gently wrap them is an inseparable one. The relation between foot diseases and problems that occur in everyday life, and the role of the sock is also an inseparable one for sure.
What is your foot type?

Like each individual has a different face, each person's foot shape is different.
The 3 foot types are
The Egypt shape where the big toe is longer than the second toe.
The Greek shape where conversely, the second toe is longer.
The Square shape where all the toes lengths are balanced
If persons with the Egypt or Square shape feet wear narrow heels, since the shape of the tip of the shoe does not match the shape of the feet, forcing the shoe on will have a bad effect. Also beware that people with Egypt shape feet are said to be susceptible to bunions.
People with the Greek shape will feel that their second toe is tight if wearing ordinary socks. It is perhaps better to wear five toe socks and allow the second toe to feel freer?



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