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 How to Choose Your Child's Ski Socks
Ski boots, especially rentals, are notorious for being uncomfortable, so it's good to at least have a proper fitting sock for your child.

1. Make sure the sock is the correct size from toe to heel. A sock that bunches up will become uncomfortable.
2. Choose a sock that's either knee-high or at least midcalf. When you can pull the sock above the tongue of the boot, it helps prevent bunching inside the boot.
3. Consider a sock with an elastic band that helps keep the sock in place.
4. Think about wool. Now that nonitchy wool is available, it's become a good investment. Wool socks are warm and will last a long time.
5. Experiment with different socks if you can. Some socks are too thick or too thin inside ski boots. It's nice to have different options.
Wool or fabric-blend socks are common and not too expensive.


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