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General Information:

How the socks are made
Raw materials
Various types of thread are used in these socks and are chosen based on the sock's characteristics and design. The raw materials largely influence the sock's functionality and quality.
The needle is set on a tube called a cylinder, the cylinder rotates while the thread is supplied, and the stitching is made as the needle moves up and down. The more needles set on the machine, the finer the fabric.
Toe closure
The portion of the sock at the tip of the toes is sewn together with a machine known as a toe closing machine.
Socks finished with toe closure are inserted into a template, and the shape is set by applying steam heat.
2 individual socks are put together to make one pair.
Packing + Inspection
Lastly, a label is placed and shipped. Before shipping, the socks are checked with a metal detector known as the inspection machine to see if there are not any needles placed mistakenly. We are always careful to provide our customers with safe and high quality products.


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